Welcome to My Studio!

Come in and enjoy a unique selection of home décor, wall art, accessories, and apparel designed to uplift your space.

Coming soon: a sprinkle of vintage finds & unique supplies for makers

Join the Art Queens Society Open Enrollment for Feb. 2024 only-An empowering and resource membership for women & female-identifying artists (this is an affiliate link-I will earn a small commission if you join this amazing group).
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I have been a member for a few years now and the value is well-worth the small investment! I have learned so much about all aspects of being a female artist in today's world, art business nuts-and-bolts, fellowship, and endless opportunities for growing as an artist. Thank you!

Me in my studio with some of my paintings.

Urbanscapes, Industrial Art, Architectural

Architectural exteriors and interiors are often overlooked in our daily routines, but...